Wood Fencing

Many homeowners will choose wood fencing for various reasons. Wood fencing is very affordable, its highly customizable; you can finish it however you choose and lastly, it has great aesthetics; wood fencing can be very natural looking and compliment a home’s structure.


Some fences are built simply to enhance the landscape or create a gentle boundary. Others are built for privacy or security. But when curb appeal is the focus, a picket fence is a classic charmer. Usually installed along the street-facing edge of a yard, its distinctive, familiar shape is an attractive choice.


Wood privacy fences are designed to conceal your yard from neighbors and passersby and may also lend a decorative element to your landscape. If you wish to increase the security of your home or yard, a privacy fence is the best solution.


Wood rail fencing is often used for decoration to accent a country-styled home or a rustic structure. Rail fencing can be used for decorative purposes alone or it can be used to contain livestock or animals. Rail fencing is an inexpensive option for achieving a beautiful fence with limited security.